Wine tourism at the Masia de Merola

Wine tourism in Bages

The Alzina de Merola has been part of the Mas Sanmartí de Serrahïma property since 1793, where the Celler Sanmartí is currently located, producing wines within the DO Pla de Bages.

Historically, L'Alzina de Merola was an important producer of wine in the area, as evidenced by the set of facilities intended for its production that are still on the property. Originally, a set of vats dug into the rock were used to ferment the wine, which were later replaced by vats with larger capacity ceramic tanks and which are located in a separate building opposite the farmhouse. In this way, the old vats were partially covered by the building of the farmhouse, so that one of them is currently visible on the floor of the accommodation through a step-on glass cover.

The Accommodation is therefore focused on the world of vineyards and wine, and we can organize the following activities for you:

• Guided tour of the historical heritage of Alzina linked to the world of wine, with an explanation of the historical techniques of vine cultivation and wine production.
• Wine tasting workshop from the Sanmartí winery.
• Visit to nearby DO Pla de Bages wineries.
• Visit to the historical heritage linked to the world of wine in the municipality of Navàs.

Visit our Cellar with D.O. wines. berries Celler Sanmarti.
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